EA's "Call of Duty with magic" shooter will absolutely melt your PC, according to these system requirements

Immortals of Aveum
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Immortals of Aveum is an FPS that ditches the guns in favor of high-powered magic, and according to the newly revealed system requirements, this Unreal Engine 5 game will absolutely melt your PC.

The official system requirements for Immortals of Aveum offer specialized specs across four different performance targets, ranging from 1080p at 60FPS to 4K at 120FPS. Now, you'd expect that latter target to require top-of-the-line hardware - and it does - but what about something a bit more normal for the enthusiast PC gamer market? Like, say, 1440p at 60FPS?

Well, 1440p at 60FPS is designated as the game's 'medium' target, and it requires an RX 6800XT or RTX 3080 Ti. Yes, a medium target is pointing you towards GPUs that originally retailed in the near-$1,000 range. And the devs note that this target "includes upscaling set to 'quality' by default to maximize frame rates." Yeah, this kind of hardware won't even get the game running at native resolution.

I'm sure there will be no shortage of folks calling Immortals of Aveum 'unoptimized' because of this, but honestly I'm impressed. Cutting-edge PC games used to build their high-end graphics options around specs that wouldn't be common for years after the game's release, and this one is built on Unreal Engine 5 with fancy new tech like Lumen and Nanite. Ideally this could be the game to put your hardware through its paces for years to come.

The game also has an impressive-looking PC performance tool that assigns numerical values to your hardware and all the graphical options, letting you essentially 'budget' what your CPU and GPU are able to handle. It could all be smoke and mirrors, but if it works, it's a massive upgrade over the sketchy VRAM estimates many games offer.

The devs note in this announcement that the game does run at lower performance targets on more reasonable hardware - like 1080p at 40fps a GTX 1070 - too, so you don't have to have a top-of-the-line machine just to play. They also say that the game will be able to run on consoles at 60FPS matching your TV's native resolution courtesy of FSR2 tech.

EA is publishing Immortals of Aveum, but it's the product of an independent company called Ascendant Studios. The devs haven't been shy about calling it "Call of Duty with magic," but based on our hands-on time it's got a whole lot more to offer than that. Here's hoping the final game matches the ambition of its tech. 

There's no shortage of new games for 2023 on the way.

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