Earth Defense Force 2017 boss guide

Blow up buildings, cut through swaths of giant ants, and battle… a giant Dino-Mech? Earth Defense Force is stuffed full of unique challenges and awesome baddies, so many that before long you may find yourself cowering beneath a pile of smoldering rubble. That’s why we’re here - our quick and easy boss guide will walk you through the biggest of the big battles to give you the upper hand on those relentless mechanized invaders.

Mission 18 - Dino-Mech

Much like in a bad monster movie, the first thing you'll be presented with here is a huge group of civilians running away from a giant lizard.This lizard, unlike most in monster movies, has cybernetic implants and armor, making him stronger than your garden-variety giant beasts. He can stomp on you, breathe fire, and slash with his huge claws, all of which are capable of taking down even a well armored EDF soldier with a few well placed shots.There are two viable strategies to take down the Vallak Dino-Mech, both of which work well, but your choice will depend on your personal play style.

Above: There are several variations of the abominable dino-mech, each with more techno-destructo power than the last

The first is to take a sniper rifle or rocket launcher and a slower missile launcher.This style of combat naturally emphasizes range, and you should be staying as far away from the Vallak as possible while pounding on him with the sniper fire.The slow missiles allow you to fire one off, switch to the sniper rifle, and still have time to reload the missile, so that you capitalize on the amount of firepower you can put out.With this method, you should mostly just have to worry about the Vallak's charge attacks, and get out of the way every time he comes towards you, attempting to keep as much space between the two of you as possible.

The second strategy is to go toe to toe with the big beast.With some well timed rolls, you can avoid almost all his attacks, and an assault rifle or shotgun, combined with sentry guns, can dish out an amazing amount of damage, taking the Vallak down before it has an opportunity to deal a killing blow.Watch out for the Vallak's flame breath though, as it has a wide spread, and if it hits you, you will be held in place while the torrential gouts of flame wash over you.This is a quick way to become dead, so when you see the Vallak breathing in, get to its flank or behind it ASAP.Keep pounding on it, renewing your sentry guns when they run out, and the fight will end quickly.