EA is reportedly set to announce a new installment of an established IP next month

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EA is reportedly set to announce a new installment of an established IP at next month's EA Play event.

The news comes via GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, and while Grubb stopped short of confirming what, exactly, that IP may be – and let's face it; there's a lot to choose from in EA's substantial back catalog – he has previously said that development was in the hands of its Motive studio.

"I don't know everything, but I do know one thing," Grubb said in a YouTube video (thanks, VGC). "It's that one – it's the one – and we're gonna see it… If we're not dead first.

"I'll have to ask and see if, like, I could really start teasing that one," he added. "I know there's someone on ResetEra who has been teasing it a lot, so I feel like it's probably close enough that I could start saying… but it's going to be exciting, I think. It's gonna be exciting. We'll talk about it more pretty soon."

That "dead first" bit? It's sent horror fans reeling, with many speculating-slash-hoping that it pertains to Dead Space, EA's celebrated sci-fi series, which hasn't seen a fresh installment since Dead Space 3, which released back in 2013.

The original, critically-acclaimed horror game sees you play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is trapped on a deserted spaceship with just a load of blood-thirsty aliens and his trusty plasma cutter for company. 

In case you missed it, another staple of the EA line-up is also making headlines, too. Fans were seemingly so impressed by Battlefield 2042's E3 2021 reveal that Battlefield 4 servers are struggling to keep up with the demand of an influx of new players

Publisher EA says it's aware of extended queue times – particularly on the West coast of the US – and said it's increasing server capacity and will "continue monitoring queue times and make further adjustments as necessary". 

"We were absolutely blown away by your excitement and reactions to the recent Battlefield 2042 reveal," community manager EA_Straatford wrote on the official EA website.

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