EA goes Web 2.0 with The Sims On Stage

Sept 5, 2007

Not a day goes by that we don't wish we could record video of our Simsusing the bathroomas we sing an off-key rendition of the classic Beatles song "Yesterday." Does that make us strange? Not according to EA, who've just launched a site that lets users do just that.

CalledThe Sims on Stage, this community-driven site is based on the SingShot technology that EA acquired this past February. It lets you choose from a number of licensed karaoke songs to sing along to and combine with your own photos and Sims action; afterwards, you can share it with the site's users. If singing's not your thing, there's also poetry, stand-up comedy and general storytelling. But let's be honest. You're going to record your Sim using the bathroom - we all are. Accept it and move on.

(Our early favorite?This one, of course.)