E3 special editions round-up: all your steelbooks, figurines and space helmets (!) in one place

Got a bit of extra disposable income to splurge on this Christmas' biggest games? Then the chances are that you won’t be going for standard disc-based editions when you can have a desk toy, laminated notebook, or life-sized space helmet thrown into the bargain for a few extra (hundred) quids. How, though, to sort the tat from the, er, slightly-less-tacky tat? By using our E3 special editions guide of course. Here’s all the extra stuff coming with all the big games, and how much purchasing it will set you back. Also, couldn't lend me a tenner, could you?

Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco Return Of Dedsec Collector’s Case
There are actually six (seriously) different special editions coming for Ubi Montreal’s open-worlder, with this being the most comprehensive – not to mention, pricey. You get the game, season pass, extra character and vehicle skins, lithographies, a map of San Fran, Dedsec-themed laptop stickers, Dedsec Marcus figurine, replica of his hat and scarf, and 64-page artbook. Whew. Still not enough? Alternatively, for the same price you can swap out most of the above and have your own Watch Dogs robot instead. What have we become? Cost: $165.99/£114.99
Formats: PS4/Xbox One/PC
Out: 15 November   

Titanfall 2 Vanguard SRS Collectors Edition
A true wallet-buster (and, most likely, relationship-ender), this. For a dollar under 250 sheets, you score an almighty haul of loot both digital and real. Let’s start with the virtual goodies: nose arts and warpaints for each titan, two camouflages (applicable to all titans, pilots and weapons), and an exclusive deluxe callsign. And then the big, actual stuff that'll be gathering dust in a matter of weeks, but does admittedly look amazing in the now: an 8GB dog tag USB drive, a 3″ x 4.5″ ‘field journal’ (so: notepad), two squad morale patches, a Vanguard Shemagh scarf, and – please, please ensure you’re sitting down before reading this part – a 1:1 scale Vanguard Pilot Helmet Replica WITH TACTICAL SPOTLIGHT AND TARGETING LASER SIGHT. Is it too soon to use the ‘what have we become’ line again?
Cost: $249/£TBC
Formats: PS4/Xbox One/PC
Out: 28 October 

The Last Guardian Collectors Edition
It’s coming, it looks amazing, and its special edition is going to sell out in weeks if not days. Seriously, this is all beautiful. Packaged alongside Fumito Ueda’s long-delayed cat-dog-bird-adventure are a steelbook case, 72-page art book, digital soundtrack, sticker sheet, and dreamy-looking statue of a sleeping Trico (if indeed that is the creature’s real name) being watched over by his little human sidekick. Super cute, and the most must-buy item on this list. Don’t go anywhere though, there’s still ace stuff to come.
Cost: $119.99/£TBC
Format: PS4
Out: 25 October 

FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition
No free football figurines with this one – merely enough Ultimate Team goodies to distract your from your real team’s inadequacies for the first five months of next season, at least. In addition to a digital copy of the game, you get 40 FUT Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, a FUT Team Of The Week loan player every week for 20 weeks, and an eight-match FUT loan of one of the game’s four cover stars: Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial, Marco Reus, or James Rodriguez. Oh, and some custom FUT kits made by “designers or FIFA soundtrack artists”. Funky.
Cost: $99.99/£79.99
Formats: PS4/PS3/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PC
Out: 29 September   

South Park The Fractured But Whole Collector's Edition
Drop a hundred-thirty bucks on The Fractured But Whole’s special edition and you get previous release The Stick Of Truth thrown into the bargain – but so does everyone who buys the vanilla version. There are a few extra treats, too, however: in-game assistance from 'your gaming bud' Towelie, a season pass, in-game costumes and perks, a set of lithographic prints with art from South Park Studios, and – snazziest of all – a 6” replica figure of The Coon. Okay, I actually want this. Oh my god, they killed my credibility.
Cost: $129.99/£TBC
Formats: PS4/Xbox One/PC
Out: 6 December

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Calavera Collector’s Case
Right, hands up who hasn’t always dreamed of owning a replica Santa Blanca Cartel Skull. Wait, what? Anyone? Er… what if we told you you could have a Ghosts Audio Headset Replica to sit on said skull too? Or even, I dunno, wear yourself. Sold? Okay. Tough crowd. Let’s sling in a season pass, soundtrack CD, three postcards, in-game map, Bolivian carrying pouch, and… yes, Bolivian carrying pouch… no, don’t leave, we’re only getting started here…
Cost: $TBC/£114.99
Formats: PS4/Xbox One/PC
Out: 7 March 2017 

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition
It’s important we pay lip service to this one given that title – and its remastering for PS4 and Xbox One is in itself huge news – but this isn’t a special edition that packs in an Alduin model or talking fus-ro-dah keyring. Instead, you get all previously released content, including DLC, in addition to souped-up current-gen visuals, and the ability to mod on console. And if you’re a PC player who owned the main game and its DLC first time out, you don’t have to pay a penny – and will receive it as a free Steam upgrade on release day. That’s surely worth getting (dragon-)fired up about.
Cost: $59.99/£TBC
Formats: PS4/Xbox One/PC
Out: 28 October 

Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack Featuring Crash Bandicoot
Skylanders is doing something new with the toys-to-life genre this year, delivering you a creation crystal which you place on the Portal Of Power in order build your own cartoony protagonist. That is, unless you want to control Crash Bandicoot in-game. Naughty Dog’s original mascot can be purchased as a playable toy exclusive to PS4 and PS3, as part of this pack which also offers two sensei characters, the crystal and Portal, and other still-to-be-revealed goodies. Cost: $99.99/£TBC
Formats: PS4/PS3
Out: 16 October 

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Pro Edition
Exclusive to Gamestop in the US and Game in the UK, there’s no fancy space headwear like Titanfall's in this COD Infinite Warfare bundle – indeed, almost all of it is digital rather than physical. It’s still a sizeable haul, mind. You score both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered, the season pass for all DLC, additional bonus content, a collectible steelbook case, and the full soundtrack as a digital download. Gamestop pre-orderers also get a double-sided poster of the two games.
Cost: $119.99/£109.99
Formats: PS4/Xbox One/PC
Out: 4 October 

NBA 2K17 Legend Edition
A smart little package for all you b-ball fans right here, with 2K looking to make the most of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s recent retirement. Digitally you get 30K in virtual currency, a MyTEAM+ bundle that includes a Kobe card, and a Bryant shoe and Mitchell & Ness Jersey. But it’s the physical inclusions which are really tempting. Okay, maybe not the limited edition poster, but definitely the two exclusive Panini trading cards bearing Bryant’s name, and Black Mamba controller skin. I need the latter and I don’t even like the Lakers.
Cost: $79.99/£69.99
Formats: PS4/Xbox One
Out: 16 September 

Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition
Guerrilla says it’s “pulling out all the stops for the Collector’s Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn, collaborating with Gentle Giant Studios and Dark Horse Comics to produce a set of unique and exclusive physical extras on top of our in-game bonus content”. This behemoth of a package includes two outfits, two weapons, and four resource packs to bolster your in-game experience, along with a steelbook case, 48-page book packed with concept art, and 9” statue of heroine Aloy. Definitely a more alluring package than anything we ever got with Killzone.
Cost: $119.99/£TBC
Format: PS4
Out: 28 February 2017 

Dishonored 2 Collectors Edition
Unlike COD and NBA, Dishonored 2’s special package contains a poster you may actually stick on the wall, proposing that we ‘all hail the new empress’ Delilah Kaldwin. It’s not the only attractive bit of this bundle. Also contained within are a lifelike Corvo mask with stand, Emily’s ring in a display box, collectible metal case with the game inside, and digital treats: the Definitive Edition of the first Dishonored, and the Assassin’s Pack for Dishonored 2. All hail, indeed.
Cost: $99.99/£79.99
Formats: PS4/Xbox One
Out: 11 November 

Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition
We’d kinda prefer that it didn’t steal the organ which keeps us alive on a second-by-second basis, but otherwise this typically unusual special edition can definitely come to stay. Like other games listed here, you get the soundtrack – but this time, on a physical CD. Even cooler are an official Persona 5 school bag and big-eyed, super-pretty 4” Morgana plush. Chuck in a swanky collector’s box, smart hardcover artbook and (at this point predictable) steelbook cover, and you have the perfect Valetine’s Day present for next year. Addressed to yourself, natch.
Cost: $89.99/£TBC
Format: PS4/PS3
Out: 14 February 2017 

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