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E3 2010: Metal Gear Rising - our first look

Whoa%26hellip; Metal Gear: Rising is an %26ldquo;Action Sword%26rdquo; game? A bit of a departure for Kojima, as this doesn%26rsquo;t really gel with the %26ldquo;Tactical%26rdquo; or %26ldquo;Espionage,%26rdquo; but watching Raiden cut down the girders off a building was a many splendored moment indeed.

The chronology of the press conference would seem to imply that MG: Rising is a Kinect capable title, and we hope that might become a reality since it%26rsquo;s finally something core gamers can sink their teeth into. Many a slasher has promised dynamic slice and dice, but this looks like it might actually deliver judging by the way Raiden juggled a foolish foot soldier and split him into triangles using gory geometry decided on the fly.

Kojima and his producer, Shigenobu Matsuyama invoked the Japanese term %26ldquo;Zan Datsu,%26rdquo; which roughly translates to %26ldquo;Cut%26rdquo; and %26ldquo;Take.%26rdquo; Raiden then dismembered an enemy, retrieved a neon piece of spinal cord and then %26hellip; absorbed it. To what purpose was awesomely unclear, but here%26rsquo;s hoping for a cross between Mega Man%26rsquo;s absorption abilities and The Human Centipede!

Jun 14, 2010