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E3 2010: Child of Eden channels Fl0w, Rez and PixelJunk Eden

A new trailer for the upcoming Child of Eden has appeared, and it brings with it the expected level of awesome we’d hoped. CoE is the latest from Q? Games and designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, makers of Rez, Space Channel 5, Lumines, and lots of other great, colorful games that integrate music and sound into their structure.

The biggest news comes from therevelation that the game will feature motion controls, which Tetsuya Mizuguchi demoed at the Ubisoft E3 event. Given that the game is scheduled for both 360 and PS3 release, we can safely assume Kinect and Move will be supported. The gameplay itself looks very similar to Rez, but with stylistic touches from many other Q? Games titles. Either way, we're very excited to get our hands on, pun intended, Child of Eden.

Jun 14, 2010

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