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E3 09: It's closed! But also slightly not

GR’s strike ops unit brings you this covert surveillance shot of the interior of the West hall. Shortly after this image was taken we were told to move along by a very stern muscular lady. We swiftly sprung into action by mumbling our apologies and walking away quickly looking at the floor.

George Walter (Editor-in-Chief of GamesRadar UK) caught adding to his picture collection of corporate signage.

The press room. These guys are probably waiting around for the semi-legendary free sack lunches that usually seem to appear around 1:00pm during E3. The joke's on them. The free nosebag doesn’t start till tomorrow. We hope anyway. Team GR’s modest food and wine expenses are already heavily depleted. Hungry work this walking around a closed show with nothing to look at.

Tim Clark the Editor of the UK Official PlayStation Magazine caught in an off duty moment. Jeans: Paul Smith. Shirt: Reiss. Furious ‘the bastard internet isn’t working again’ grimace: model’s own.

June 1, 2009