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E3 09: It's closed! But also slightly not

It’s the first day of E3. It’s open for business. But also actually not. Press types can register. Giant shaven headed men pull heavy cartons about the place. Doormen pace about guarding nothing from nobody. No music. No lightshows. No games. Yeah actually it’s closed. But ever vigilant to the possibility of something within the absence of anything, Team GR presents this visual tapestry of an E3 asleep. Or perhaps hungover.

GamesRadar owns E3. Through the medium of big printed words, a few pictures and storm-proof tarpaulin.

Note the stepladders. Who’s going to go up them? What will they do when they reach the top? Who knows? We can only dream.

Some ladies walked past. We were too slow to snap them from the front.

Stepladder fans will appreciate this different angle.

Banners celebrating the impending release of Modern Warfare 2. There is a further banner with a 2 on it. If nothing more compelling happens here soon we may walk all the way back and photograph it. So, you know, stay tuned for that.