E3 08: The Secret GamesRadar Diary

Four intrepid young GamesRadar editors are in LA all week for E3 2008, writing and posting about everything they see and hear. Some of it's relevant, some not so much, but it all relates back to the dizzying clustershart that is E3.

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"Chris and Blanka 4EVAR"
Monday 7/14 7:50pm
Brett Elston

Aren't they adorable together? They've been talking about going steady for awhile, but things were looking kinda rocky earlier in the month. Good to see they're working it out and thinking of their bright future together. If only the constitution allowed Man/Beast marriages... one day guys, one day.

Monday, July 14th, 7:30pm
Chris Antista

Above: "I'll rescue you, Princess Blanka!"

Above: The rebel finds his cause!

Above: "Derrp!"

There's an 80% chance this pic will make it an extremelyserious article. Keep watching...

“We can’t afford the hottest N64 games”
Monday, July 14th, 6:13 pm
Chris Antista

Normally, E3 is about ogling games, not playing them, silly. Not so in our posh hotel digs, they’ve got “the hottest N64 games On Demand” piped fresh right into our 19’ Philips Shit-E-Vision!

$7 for 60 wet, hot minutes of Mario Party 3? Nowwe know why they call this the Wilshire Grand! They also have Ocarina of Time, but we calculated that it would cost a better-than-average Hyrulian $175 to complete. Capitalism!

“The Force Unwanted”
Monday, July 14th, 3:00 pm
Chris Antista

I can’t believe I almost forgot to post this! This is what a Storm Trooper would look like, had he been West Philadelphia, born and raised.

"Vader just don’t understand."

Security demanded I give them the flyer the Reebok Trooper gave me, as evidence to shitkick him out of the convention center for soliciting. I felt bad. Then I ate pizza and all was right with the world!

"The World Will Know My Idiocy!"
Monday, 7/14, 1:30pm
Chris Antista

I was "lucky" enough to be asked to appear babbling on film for the BBC, a small right-wing news outlet out of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I’ve now been informed the Square Enix conference I didn’t attend turned several of my quotes into absolute malarkey. Dare I say, wrong even! Final Fantasy XIII will not be appearing simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PS3 in Japan. Only in America, apparently.

So no, FFXIII will not offer the 360 a "leg up" Japan-side, nor did FFXIII "kick ass when it came out on the GameCube" in 2003. And it’s even less likely that "FFXIII will totally incorporate the DDR mat," and/or "feature 32-on-32 online deathmatch."

Sorry ‘bout that, I mispoke. We all have our off days. Mine is just streaming live across two continents.

"Scratchingthe halls"
Monday, 7/14 Noonish
Chris Antista

This may be my first to the Trip-E, but I definitely recognize this hallway as a fall from some overly extravagant grace. Where is everything? Dunno, but a one-eyed janitor told me it’s haunted by the ghost of Bubsy the Bobcat.

Monday, 7/14 11:45am
Brett Elston

So yeah, they announced FFXIII for 360, but not in Japan. It's being released there first as a PS3 only title, then slooooowly translated for US and Europe. While being translated, it'll be ported to 360 for simultaneous release with the PS3 version. Wheeee!

"Next-gen looks the damn same"
Monday, 7/14 11:00am
Brett Elston

I mentioned this in thelive blog, but it's worth pointing out again - the three biggest games they showed all look the same! All are really washed out with tons of brown and grey. I know that's been a running gag for a while, that bloom lighting and earth tones are "next-gen," but holy crap. Gears 2, Fallout 3 and RE5 are almost indistinguishable from one another. Sure makes it easy to spot Rare games.

Monday, 7/14 7:08am
Chris Antista

Every time my parents tell me the gaming press is the bottom rung of the editorial ladder, I try and bring a copy of the in-flight magazine to rub in their faces until my sister calls the cops.

Yeah, maybe I do have to pretend to care about “World War II: Vietnam” or the Wii’s latest bathtub grouting sim for ten minutes. Yet my soul remains intact ‘cause I’m not hawkking puppy coozies or lawn sculpture of the Canadian chupacabra, Sassfoot.


"Waiting in line - prologue"
Monday, 7/14 6:14am
Brett Elston

The only thing more fun than waiting for a cab is immediately waiting some more at the airport, followed by waiting in line for the Microsoft press conference. At least the sun's up at this point.

"Holy Christ it's 5am"
Monday, 7/14 5:07am
Brett Elston

We're off! Tyler Wilde (right), Chris Antista (photographing) and myself (left) line up at the GamesRadar offices at the butt crack of dawn, ready for a looooong ass day of bullshittery and caffeine overdoses. Right about now I'm wondering why we didn't fly out the night before...