E3 07: Microsoft throws gauntlet at press conference

Xbox Live Arcade and Clip reel#2

Xbox Live Arcade has tallied more than 45 million downloads thus far, and another elephant-choking clip reel proved that the taps are going to keep flowing for quite some time: Bomberman Live, Undertow, Hexic 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, War World, Sensible World of Soccer (big in the UK, that one), Every Extend Extra Extreme, Geon, Wing Commander Arena, Feeding Frenzy 2, Track & Field, Spyglass Board Games, Golden Axe, Space Giraffe (read: Tempest 2007), Puzzle Fish, Word Puzzle, Marathon: Durandal, Poker Smash, Switchball, Tetris Splash, some Sudoku game, and Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. You may not love 'em all, but you'll need at least a few, surely. And if not, at least you're impressed by the list, right? It was a real bitch to type.

Downloads are big, clip reel #3

Apparently, the HD downloads are all the rage on 360 as well, with Bell lauding that the 2000 hours of programming currently available on Xbox Live have led to $125 millions in sales.

That should increase with the addition of the entire Disney portfolio, including cartoons like Hercules, Tarzan, the Heffalump movie (that's Winnie the Pooh) and live action stuff like the Waterboy and Unbreakable. A huge chunk of it's available right this minute, and there was a vast clip reel for this one too, but you get the idea. It's all coming. Literally all of it.