E3 07: First GTA IV multiplayer details

Rumors are bouncing round the internet concerning possible details of GTA IV's multiplayer game. The electronic whispers suggest that one multiplayer mode will make players search for one another across the game's massive playing area before being able to take each other down. It is suggested that when players raise their wanted level to seven stars they will become visible on the radar and thus more vulnerable to being located and gunned down by other players.

It's also been alleged that an important feature will be an in-game internet. According to speculation, central character, Niko will be able to upload hisresume to apply for a job, in order to get an interview with a man he has to kill. Furthermore, it's possible that Niko will be able to use his mobile phone when ordering and buying weapons, which could remove the need to visit the ammo shops.

Further rumors suggest that the game will feature more true to life ways of side-stepping the attentions of the law. It has been suggested that if a player is being pursued and drives to an isolated area, changes cars while no one is looking and drives off in the new ride the cops will be none the wiser.

Yet more rumors circling certain E3 parties suggested that Rockstar is having trouble squeezing the giant game onto one Xbox 360 disk.

More GTA IV news when we have it.

July 12, 2007