E3 07: Boogie - hands-on

You begin each song building up your Boogie Bar by moving the remote left and right, or up and down, in time to the beat. Once it gets about a quarter full, holding the Z button activates advanced combos - these appear at the bottom of the screen in the form of arrows. Follow them perfectly, and in time, and you%26rsquo;ll pull off such dance moves as the Electric Star Groove and Falling Blossom. Basically, it%26rsquo;s the type of thing that%26rsquo;d have Ricky Martin retching with envy.

These combos not only look spectacular, they also earn you big points - the longer the combo, the more points scored. As every song has a score target for bronze, silver and gold awards (which give you increasing numbers of tokens to spend in the shop on bonus songs and outfits), the higher you score, the better.