E3 06: Wobbly footage of LocoRoco

No visit to the immense Sony stand in E3's cavernous West Hall, and the accompanying PSP peninsula, would be complete without a quick pause for a spot of LocoRoco. And to bring a big beaming smile to your face and the warm touch of a little sunshine into your day, we've nabbed a bit of footage of the gelatinous platformer in tilting action.

And talking of tilting, we wonder if there will be any chance of a PS3 conversion of the game to take advance of the new pad's wobble-detection ability?

But back to LocoRoco. If you want to read many wise words on the subject, then take a quick click at the previews tab above, but to please your eyes and nourish your very soul, point yourself at the movies tab above. And once you feel soothed and sated, return to the front pages of GamesRadar for even more breaking E3 news.

May 11, 2006