E3 06: Chibi Robo to clean up on DS

Nintendo has confirmed that little Chibi Robo will be spreading happiness on DS when the mini metallic maid appears in Chibi Robo: Park Patrol.

After restoring happiness to the Sanderson household and saving the world in his very first appearance, the plucky cleaner has decided to take on the great outdoors. For the three-centimeter-tall cylinder of joy has discovered that little monsters are damaging the swings at the playground, and so the pure-hearted 'bot has set about purging the area of the beasts and fixing all the broken roundabouts and benches.

And along with his usual dusting duties, the Chibster will also pedal bikes, teach flowers to dance and squirt the monsters - and all with a swish of the stylus control.

Now click the movie link above to see the little metal man in glorious motion, and if it doesn't give you a warm glow, then we advise you to check your pulse - because if you don't love Chibi, you may well be dead on the inside. This tiny mute has already set up home in our collective hearts and so we will be off to gather all the dirt on this new game very soon.

May 12, 2006