Dying Light the Board Game is coming to Kickstarter with a UV board, parkour structures, and tiny Volatiles

Dying Light the Board Game promotional image showing the game's box and some minatures
(Image credit: Glass Cannon Unplugged / Techland)

Listen up, runners: Dying Light the Board Game has been officially announced, and it will be hitting Kickstarter in a matter of days. That means it's time to get yourself to a safe zone and craft yourself some medkits, lockpicks, and weaponry.

Coming from Glass Cannon Unplugged, the creators behind some of the best board game adaptions including Frostpunk and Apex Legends (which we previewed and loved a while back), Dying Light the Board Game is being made in full partnership with Techland. 

Fans can support the imminent Kickstarter campaign when it goes live on February 27, and if you follow the project now, you can get the Kyle Crane character pack for free. 

While that early-bird offer will let fans of the original game feel a little closer to the neck-snappin', drop-kickin' hero from the first game, fans of Dying Light 2 will be glad to know that the board game is set in the more expansive city of Villedor.

In all honesty, the project looks like it will be a really faithful adaption of the video games - and that's coming from a total Dying Light nerd.

The game will see up to four players cooperate with one another while they take on parkour structures on the game's modular board, battling human factions and infected using action dice. More importantly, there's even a day/night cycle that will "offer a dramatic shift in challenges and possibilities".

Personally, this is the part I'm most excited for since it's what I feel really sets Dying Light apart from other Zombie games. Amazingly, the board's buildable parkour structures will even feature stickers that will completely alter how the board appears under UV light.

The board game will feature tiny miniatures that have excellent detail to them - including tiny little Volatiles which look a lot more adorable than their video game counterparts.

If you'd prefer to take on the infected hoards alone, the game will have a solo mode and will apparently adapt to playstyles and narratives.

Dying Light the Board Game's UV-sensitive board

(Image credit: Glass Cannon Unplugged)

For long-term fans, the game looks as though it'll be great value for money since Glass Cannon Unplugged has entered a long-term licensing partnership with Techland and has several planned add-ons and expansions. Personally, I'm hoping for some fun The Following add-ons - since that's still one of the best video game DLCs ever made in my humble opinion.

Since the Kickstarter isn't actually live yet, we don't have any details to share about the different rewards and support tiers that'll be available. What we do know is that if you do follow for the chance to get the Kyle Crane character pack within the next 24 hours, you'll get a tiny playable Crane miniature that has its own unique weapon and character card.

To stay up to date with any and all announcements from Dying Light the Board Game, you'd be best following Glass Cannon on Twitter or joining their Discord.

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