Dying Light: The Following launch trailer teases the mystery of The Mother

Dying Light: The Following is out today… for a lot of people. For others, not so much. The sizable expansion, which adds an all-new rural area to rove in an electrified dune buggy, went live in North America and several other regions. The UK is still waiting - except for the PC version, which should also be available now on Steam. Alright, before we move on, just consult this graph from developer Techland to see whether you can actually play it yet.

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With that cleared up, it's time to address the next mystery, and the whole reason protagonist Kyle Crane left the comfort of his parkour-friendly home in the city of Harran: a group of supposedly immune people living out in the countryside.

Poor Crane just can't seem to get a straight answer out of anybody, least of all the Mother's sun-worshipping cult living down the road. At least they aren't the murder-all-interlopers kind of cult. Still, somebody's going to have to "pass through the gates of death" before we can put this whole immunity question to bed.

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