Dying Light 2 will have 4-player co-op just like the first game

Dying Light 2 will bring back online multiplayer for parkour parties and zombie-shanking shindigs.

The final Dying 2 Know presentation from Techland finally addressed the fan-favorite feature from the first game, and the developer confirmed that it will return in full: you'll once be able to link up with your fellow Dying Light 2 players for up to four player co-op. Then it proved it with some new gameplay showing off the co-op feature between a set of players, who proceeded to raise four times as much havoc in Dying Light 2's post-apocalyptic city.

The stream also showed off a fresh look at Dying Light 2 running on both current-gen and last-gen consoles. The studio plans to show off even more console comparisons than it could fit into the presentation later on, so you'll have plenty of chances to decide where you want to play based on visuals and performance. On top of that, a new gameplay trailer from the presentation offers an expanded look at Dying Light 2's world and main story (which will take about 20 hours to complete, though you could spend much longer than that if you want to see everything).

Techland has revealed quite a bit about Dying Light 2 in the leadup to its February 4 release date, including an in-depth look at its skill tree and a rundown of its UI options for more customizable and accessible play.

Dying Light 2 is one of our most-anticipated titles this year, and you can see what else we're looking forward to in our guide to new games 2022.

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