Dying Light 2 customizable UI and accessibility options revealed

A new Dying Light 2: Stay Human video goes in-depth on user interface options, including some options which may be a relief for fans of more immersive experiences.

The latest episode of Techland's Dying 2 Know More interview series features a chat with Dying Light 2 UI producer Agata Sykuła. In the interview, Sykuła talks the work Techland has put into determining the UI needs of players, both in terms of aesthetic preference and in accessibility.

The big takeaway from the video is that Dying Light 2 will have a deeply customizable user interface and HUD. Players will be able to choose how many dynamic elements appear on the screen, such as a quest tracker that pops up when you're in the area of current objectives, or opt solely for the bare necessities if they prefer.

Another example is the addition of health bars that hover over enemies, which produced a minor stir amongst fans of the original Dying Light when it was revealed in preview sessions. Sykuła confirmed that you'll be able to disable the bars if you prefer, and the studio plans to keep listening to player feedback after the game launches in February and make changes that line up with its overall design vision for Dying Light 2.

As for accessibility options, Sykuła said players will be able to adjust on-screen text in several ways including size and background color, choose to hold buttons instead of tapping them in quick-time events, and take their pick between several different color blindness profiles.

Techland also recently revealed the Dying Light 2 PC system requirements. 

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