Dying Light 2 story explained in new PC Gaming Show

Dying Light 2 Stay Human
(Image credit: Techland)

New Dying Light 2: Stay Human concept art has debuted as part of the PC Gaming Show, along with a glimpse of our hero's backstory.

Developer Techland showcased some brand-new concept artwork of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, but we also understand a little more about the game's hero - Aiden. 

He was seemingly born into this post-virus world, and both he and his sister Mia were experimented on medically as children. After a fire, the two were separated, and Aiden has lived with the guilt of leaving her behind ever since. But now, in 2036 when the game is set, he's found the first clue as to how to find his sister - who he knows holds the answer as to who he really is. 

The developer also gave us a little recap of the game's backstory as part of the section too, about the virus, the enemies (who are monsters called Freakers, not zombies), and how the people who have survived now live. 

Dying Light 2: Stay Human was originally delayed indefinitely, although the delay was said to have helped Techland reach its ambitions for the sequel. Now, the game is confirmed to be launching on December 7, 2021, and is set 15-years after a zombie apocalypse. Player's can explore an open world that's said to be four times bigger than the original game. To traverse, they'll be using parkour abilities, a grappling hook, and a paraglider to allow them to experience the world in its verticality. That's when they're not running away from zombies, that is.

The world is ripe with materials for players in Dying Light 2: Stay Human to craft creative weapons, and they'll also be engaging in combat. There are 3 factions in The City who are each after power, and the player will have choices to make that affect the world and relationships with the factions. But it's not just factions, there are other humans out there who aren't entirely lovely beings, and to make matters more complicated, when nightfalls, the creatures, and zombies of the night come out.

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