Duncan Jones' Mute is part of same movie-verse as Moon, starts shooting next week

Duncan Jones has been trying to get Mute going for over a decade. It's a passion project for the Warcraft director, who even began developing a comic book based on the premise four years back. We've heard scraps about the project here and there and it looks like all the pieces are now in place. The movie starts filming NEXT WEEK. 

 Jones made the announcement via Twitter, where he was immediately bombarded with tons of questions about the project. The biggest one, of course being, is Mute somehow connected to his earlier movies Source Code or Moon? Here's his reply: 

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With Moon being the original piece of sci-fi that it is, hearing that Mute will somehow relate to it is exciting news. The upcoming film takes place in a futuristic Berlin and is described as a "science-fiction Casablanca" with Jones also comparing it to Blade Runner. Alexander Skarsgard plays Leo Beiler, a mute bartender who goes searching for his missing girlfriend. During his quest he meets an usual pair of American surgeons (one played by Paul Rudd) who are somehow connected to her fate.  

It sounds barmy and knowing that it's part of the same Moon-iverse (Jones' term) is another intriguing element. How is it hooked in? Sam Rockwell is also part of the cast which may be the biggest bit of connective tissue. Interestingly enough, Jones has previously hinted at both movies serving as part of a trilogy. He told Indiewire earlier this year that plans for a third instalment revolve around a female lead. Might we meet her in Mute? 

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