Dumb enough to miss our 24 Hour Marathon? Relive the magic in 3 minutes

Above: Song by the amazing Protomen. Find their site here

Take one hour, multiply it by twenty, and then add four. That’s how long we devoted ourselves to playing with our community last weekend and we did it in one straight, foolhardy shot. Those of you who didn’t join us over Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN, first of all – SHAME ON YOU! Now that you’ve sufficiently wallowed in your shame, you get to see what you missed in this here video encapsulating all our kills and cut-ups. More importantly, this is our “Thank You” love letter to the hundreds of people who joined us in the multiplayer merriment, hung out on the Justin.tv stream, and helped us raise almost two thousand dollars for the charity Child‘s Play. Sincere, heartfelt thanks to all of you!

Aug 27, 2011