DSTLRY's The Big Burn combines heartbreak and horror in a heist to steal from the devil himself

The Big Burn cover by Lee Garbett
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Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson is returning to comics alongside former Lucifer comic artist Lee Garbett, colorist Lee Loughridge of DSTLRY's hit comic Somna, and letterer Simon Bowland for The Big Burn, the story of two demolition lovers enacting a hellish heist to steal their souls back from the devil himself. 

Published through boutique publisher DSTLRY, The Big Burn is all about Owen and Carlie, a pair of Bonnie and Clyde style bank robbers who sold their souls to the devil. But when their bargain unexpectedly costs them their love for each other as well, they decide to risk even more by breaking into Hell to get them back.

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"Owen and Carlie are the Bonnie and Clyde of the 21st century—a slick duo who pull off impossible heists and have the time of their lives doing it. When justice finally catches up to them and they think it's all over, the Devil himself offers them a deal—their freedom for their very SOULS," reads DSTLRY's official description. "But they soon find that without their souls, their love is missing, too, so they set out to recruit a crew of the damned for the ultimate heist: break into Hell and steal their souls back."

The thing is, this version of Hell isn't the stereotypical place of fire and brimstone that one might picture. Instead, it's a casino, where the devil always wins and the damned are forever bound to lose.

"This July, Henderson and Garbett invite readers on a thrilling journey to a Hell they’ve never seen before. A place perfectly designed to give people hope, so that the devil can torture them with it when he takes it away, again and again," continues DSTLRY's announcement. "That's right, Hell is a CASINO. And even with the greatest team of thieves, the house always wins."

Henderson and Garbett previously created Skyward together, and Eisner nominated comic about a world where Earth's gravity is lessened. They also co-created teen horror comic Shadecraft.

(Image credit: DSTLRY)

"Creating these worlds with Lee is always an absolute dream, and I’m excited to introduce readers to our unique and deeply twisted take on Hell this summer,” states Henderson. "While The Big Burn features a darker tone than our previous work, the emotional journey of our star-crossed thieves Owen and Carlie maintains the same heartfelt storytelling we're known for. It’s exciting for us to challenge ourselves with this book, and I always love a good heist."

"Crafting a completely new take on Hell has been an awesome challenge, and I can't wait for readers to see it come to life in DSTLRY's beautiful, prestige format," adds Garbett. "Expect all the heart, action and character Joe and I love to deliver - this time with a devilish twist."

The Big Burn #1 goes on sale in July, with a main cover by Lee Garbett and a variant cover by Tula Lotay.

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