Dress as Link, wield the Master Sword in Monster Hunter 4's first free DLC

See, this is how you do DLC. Cheery dinosaur extinction game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be getting an additional content pack on the first Friday of every month – and they won't cost you a penny. The first is out today, and adds a bunch of new quests and equipment to the game, including Link's getup from The Legend of Zelda.

If this first DLC pack is any indication, we're going to be swimming in digital items once the promotion is up (Capcom say it will go on for several months). March's goodie bag lets you cosplay as Link, with the aid of his handsome tunic, his Master Sword, his Hylian Shield, and that greatbow you never see him with in any of the games. Still: awesome. You'll need to craft it all first of course, but there are only four snarling beasties that stand in your way.

If Link's garb doesn't interest you, there are a range of other items included in the download, from the outlandish winners of a community weapon design contest to an odd collaboration with Universal Studios Japan. Highlights include a fancy top hat, and a giant horn weapon with a living pig sitting atop it, because Monster Hunter. The pig has a little cushion, I should probably add.

Low and high-ranking quests, challenges, and a new line of episodic missions fill out the package, the latter reintroducing characters from previous games. You can download the DLC to your 3DS right now; the next one will be with us Friday April 3rd.

Tom Sykes
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