This Dreams tribute to the Storm Area 51 event may be the funniest thing you watch today

Storm Area 51 and its many memes are recreated in stunning detail in this heartfelt Dreams tribute to the freedom fighters who just want to see them aliens. The new Dreams creation was created by user ShinZante and is chillingly titled "Area 51 - The Great Massacre". Actually playing through the chaos and rancor would be tasteless, so ShinZante wisely decided to present their recreation as a camera moving through still-life scenes. Then they set it to Ave Maria, because they're a genius.

If you aren't familiar, "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" is the internet sensation du jour with more than a million Facebook accounts marked as "going" to raid the alleged secret government facility on September 20. It's a joke, but it's still provoked some concerned responses from the kind of people who tend to make concerned responses to things online. Really, it's just an excuse to put a bunch of memes together and laugh at them, and this Dreams recreation does a bang-up job of it

There are the Kyles, fueled by drywall-punching rage and cans of Monster energy drink.

(Image credit: Media Molecule/Shinzante)

There are the Karens, whose demands to speak with the manager of Area 51 honestly are our best shot at seeing what's going on in there.

(Image credit: Media Molecule/Shinzante)

And there are the Naruto Runners, who can outrun bullets as long as they keep their heads down and their arms stuck straight out behind them.

(Image credit: Media Molecule/Shinzante)

I am definitely showing my age here, but the still action and dramatic music reminds me of that Halo 3: Believe trailer with all the camera pans across the battlefield diorama. Just instead of Master Chief at the end there's a weird-looking dude carrying a toddler-sized alien.

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