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Dragon's Dogma expansion Dark Arisen coming 2013

Dragon's Dogma will grow even more dogmatic next year with Dark Arisen, an expansion announced today. Capcom revealed a trailer and sprinkling of info for the expansion as well as details on two upcoming downloadable modes for its open-world adventure game.

Details on Dark Arisen are scarce, and Capcom left no word of what it will add to the game or even its delivery format. The company has a history of releasing new versions of games at a discounted price to retailers (such as Super Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3), so that is one possibility.

Capcom was much more loose-lipped about Dragon Dogma's upcoming Speedrun and Hard modes. These free modes offer additional challenge in exchange for new equipment, and are scheduled to arrive before the end of the year.

Dragon's Dogma had middling sales in the west, but performed well in Japan, moving more than a million copies worldwide. Capcom has stated that it considers the franchise one of its established series, with more entries planned down the road.

Connor Sheridan
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