Dragon's Dogma 2 entrepreneurs are already gaming the RPG’s economy by exploiting their Pawns to earn 200k gold every 2 hours

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Dragon's Dogma 2 may have only been out for a few days, but players have already found a way to earn a heap of gold in no time at all, thanks to how Pawn quests work.

I didn't even know you could manually adjust your Pawn's quest, but here we are. When your Pawn departs to another world, the player they're visiting can undertake a specific quest for them, and it's this Pawn-driven quest that players are now manipulating to earn well over 200,000 Gold in just a few hours, which is surely enough to break the fantasy economy.

The player below sets out the guidelines in the Reddit post. Manually adjust your Pawn's quest to slaying a specific monster, and then set the reward for said quest to 10,000 gold. Yes, this will cost you 10,000 gold, but multiple Dragon's Dogma 2 players can hire your Pawn at once, so you're effectively only shelling out the 10,000 gold once for your Pawn to depart on the same quest multiple times. 

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Then - and this is where the players banding together comes in - you need to head to a Riftstone. Summon in Pawns that have a similar 10,000 gold reward set for their quest, and undertake the related quests to bag yourself the reward. If you're lucky enough to hire two Pawns with a 10,000 gold reward each, you could be looking at 20,000 gold earned very quickly. 

Remember that your Pawn only returns from their quest when you sleep in a bed, like an inn or the house in Vernworth. Therefore, only rest via a campfire for as long as possible to keep your Pawn away from you for as long as possible. On top of the money you earn from the Pawn quests, you can also sell any monster parts from Ogres of Cyclops', which will surely net you another few thousand gold easily. 

It's not hard to imagine Capcom stepping in to quash this method if it becomes more common among Dragon's Dogma 2 players. As many comments underneath the Reddit post attest, people will really quickly hire your Pawn if they see the 10,000 gold reward dangled in their face. Even in a fantasy world, people still need money.

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