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Dragon Age: Origins walkthrough

NEW AREA: Arl of Denerim’s Estate
You don’t have to help Erlina, but if you did, she’ll show you a secret entrance and distract the guards while you wait in the bushes. Of course, you can battle your way through this whole next section, but the stealth approach is more fun. Make your way to Anora’s room, and then continue past it. Make sure to loot the Chest of Documents for the Grey Warden Documents. You can use them with Riordan in the next room if you like, but it’s not vital. Continue to the Dungeons and get ready for some more battling.

NEW AREA: Dungeon
Other than a few sidequests to nab, this section is just another grind. Rexel waits in a cell. Once you grab the key off the nearby jailor, you can kill Rexel or set him free, it doesn’t really matter.

The Arl’s got quite a posse, but the Mages around him are the biggest threat. Take them out first, and then focus on the Arl. He’s got plenty of life, but he’s stunnable and his attacks miss often. Vaughn is waiting in the next room. Zevran will disapprove if you set him free, but Morrigan will approve. There’s another prisoner here named Irminric, who you should definitely free if you want extra help at the Landsmeet. Head back up to the main floor to free Anora, but a surprise is waiting for you.

When Cauthrien tries to stop you, you have options. Also, you’re not supposed to win this fight. The guards hopelessly outnumber you, and you’re going to let Anora go regardless. It’s best to surrender, but there’s no penalty for failing if you choose to fight.

NEW AREA: Fort Drakon
You can wait for your friends to bust you out, or try to break free. It’s pretty boring if you just wait, so we’ll show you how to break out instead. Call the guard over and persuade him for a little sexy action, then kick his ass. There are some guard uniforms nearby, which will help you slip by undetected. First, relieve the guard in the Officer’s Armory, then head to the Storage Room and talk to the guards to learn about their missing swords. Finally, head to the Colonel’s room. A soldier cannot do without Discipline, by the way. The soldiers will give you the password if you don’t have it already. It’s “Rabbit.” Head back to the Arl of Redcliffe’s Estate. Once there, talk to Anora and get the next main quest. You’ll be heading to the Elven Alienage next. But don’t go just yet!

KEY ITEM: Duncan’s Shield
Talk to Riordan in Eamon’s study and ask him about the Warden’s secret vault. It’s located in the Warehouse in Denerim’s Market District – once Riordan unlocks it, you can examine the shelf in the back room to reveal a secret passage.

Gift Duncan’s Shield to Alistair. It’s the last major gift for him, assuming you’ve been following this guide. He’ll get all weepy over it.

Head to the Gnawed Noble Tavern. Alfstanna, Irminric’s sister is waiting. Sighard will also be there, and he’ll give you a reward. Note that the entrance to the Alienage is NOT accessible via the city map. The entrance is in the Market District on the eastern side of the map. Don’t get stuck like we did.

KEY ITEM: Andraste’s Grace
There’s another lovely flower for Leliana, between Valendrian’s house and Ser Otto. If you missed it the first two times around, here’s your last chance!

You’re going to have to talk to Ser Otto here, and accept his quest to continue. To continue, you’ll need to investigate the Pool of Blood and the Dead Dog, both of which are near the orphanage. The Feral Dog will work too. Head with Otto to the Orphanage to continue.

NEW AREA: Orphanage
Follow the spook around. He’ll release some hounds on you, but nothing too bad. You’ll face a bunch of battles through the linear corridors, including some Rage Abominations near the end. Fight it out and funnel whenever possible! Ser Otto will die during this quest, but that’s OK. Once back in the Alienage, talk to the Elf Guard. You can bribe him or kill him. Save the elves locked in the nearby cage, go outside, beat up the guards and talk to Shianni. Your next destination is the Apartments, to the north.

NEW AREA: Apartments
MINIBOSSES: Devera and Caladrius

Grab the Free Sailor Sextant in the first chest you see, and then give the Veal Bone to your Dog. Head south to exit this area, and get ready to fight more guards. Devera is in the next room. She’s pretty hard to Persuade or Intimidate, but not too hard to take down. Caladrius waits for you in the next room. It’s up to you to decide how intimidating you think you’ve become. You may be able to convince him to pack up and leave without a fight. However, if you must fight, be sure to take out his guards first. After he’s defeated, you can convince him to increase your physical strength using Blood Magic, but this is done at the expense of the remaining slaves.

Congratulations! You’ve saved the Elves, found evidence that incriminates Loghain, and are finally ready to complete the Landsmeet.