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Dragon Age: Origins walkthrough

A Note on the Landsmeet
At this point, a number of factors will determine how the Landsmeet plays out, and your dialogue choices will have a heavy impact on who is crowned King (or Queen). As you present the evidence you have against Loghain, the allies you’ve gathered will reveal their allegiances, and you’ll have to use your persuasion skills to make your case. There are a number of endings to discover – which one you get will depend entirely on your own choices. No matter what you choose, however, Loghain will be ousted and you’ll have to fight him.

BOSS: Loghain
If you choose to duel, it’s a one-on-one fight, so use whomever you’re best with. Be extra careful not to get knocked down. Disorient him and prevent him from attacking if you can!

After Loghain is defeated, you’ll have a huge choice to make: kill Loghain in front of everyone, or take him into the Grey Wardens. Take Loghain into the Grey Wardens and Alistair will be extremely upset, leaving forever. If you choose to recruit Loghain, you can also increase his approval by giving him maps, which you can purchase in a few of the shops around Denerim.

Once all the cinemas are over, get ready for the final battle.