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Dragon Age: Origins walkthrough

Perth is up on the hill, and Mother Hannah waits in the chantry. No matter what, Mother Hanna’s not going to give holy protection to Perth and his soldiers, so this task isn’t really worth your time. Might as well wait for sundown.

MINIBOSS: The Battle of Redcliffe
The key here is to manage your resources. Don’t be afraid to dip into your reservoirs of mana and life potions often if you find yourself in a bind.
Talk to Bann Teagan after the battle before he goes to the castle, he’ll give you his Signet Ring. Use it on the secret passage, found in the windmill.

KEY ITEM: Andraste’s Grace
Found in the near the Windmill in Redcliffe village, they remind Leliana of her mother. Give them to her for a huge boost in approval. If you miss them, don’t worry. You’ll have more chances later.

If you’ve chosen to play a Mage, you’ll see someone from your Origin Story in the underground passage. Remember him? You can set him free, leave him, or kill him. Killing him makes all your teammates hate you, leaving him does nothing, and letting him go opens up a different set of options.

You’ll score points with Morrigan for letting him go free, but be sure to persuade Alistair that it’s OK first, or you will lose points with both him and Leliana.

NEW AREA: Redcliffe Castle Interior
Valena, the Blacksmith’s daughter, is hiding in a room on the main floor in the top right portion of the map. You’ll score big points from Alistair and Leliana for saving her. Return to Owen (the Blacksmithy) for some Dwarven Armor as a reward. Go to the main hall to face Connor.

You can agree to kill Connor or travel to the Circle Tower instead. You’ll only be able to employ the help of the Magi if you’ve already saved them from the Blood Mages. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to fight.

KEY ITEM: Alistair’s mother’s pendant
After you finish fighting Connor’s minions, go into the next room. On the desk is a book and Alistair’s mother’s pendant. Grab it. It’s your ticket to winning his approval.

Somewhere around this point, Alistair may tell you about his half-sister Goldanna in Denerim. Agree to seek her out, and you’ll get additional approval points for accepting the task.

A Vault Key can be found in the castle halls. Inside the vault, you’ll find a weapons and armor cache containing The Fox’s Bow, a Crossbow, Ice Bolt, Chevalier’s Mace, Longbow, Heavy Chainmail Gloves, Heavy Chainmail, 2 Battleaxes, a Soldier’s Helm, Eamon’s Shield, Wooden Kite Shield, Executioner’s Helm and a Silver-framed Still Life. Give the Still Life to Sten.

BOSS: Desire Demon
Get too close to the Arl and Connor’s going to have a problem. Ah well, time for some self-defense, then. The Desire Demon will summon Enraged Corpses, Lesser Rage Demons, Devouring Corpses, and many others while she runs and hides. While she’s out in the open, she’ll use a shockwave against you. Focus everything you’ve got on her when she’s open, and use any freezing or stun spells that you have.

You can choose to spare Connor or kill him yourself, but if you choose to spare him, Lady Isolde will kill him instead. Morrigan and Leliana can be convinced this is for the best and even approve of your decision to let Lady Isolde do the killing, but if Connor dies, Alistair will blame you for his death once you return to camp.

Gift: The Guerrins of Ferelden: A History
Found in the Bookshelf near the exit to the Main Floor. Wynne will like it.
Now that Connor’s reign of terror is over, it’s up to you to find the Urn of Sacred Ashes. It’s in the Village of Haven, but you’ll want to head to Denerim first.

As you begin to travel from one area to the next, you may find yourself ambushed by the assassin Zevran. All you have to do to acquire Zevran for your party is best him in battle and choose to spare his life. It may ruffle the feathers of a few in your crew, but it sure beats killing off one of the better recruits at your disposal. Plus, you’ll be able to sleep with him, regardless of your gender.