Dragon Age: Origins walkthrough

NEW AREA: Brecilian Forest
There’s a Great Bear here protecting a Longsword, as well as a few wolves. Don’t miss the Andraste’s Grace at the top of the map! Leliana will go nuts for it. Swiftrunner will meet you, and then you’ll have some Darkspawn to deal with, including an Ogre.

In a pile of rubble near where you fight the Ogre, you’ll find two gifts: an Ox Bone for your dog, and a Painted Skyball, which any party member will like. Soldier on through the forest, taking any loot you find.

You’ll see a Dalish woman who has been turned into a werewolf up ahead. Mercy killing her will win you a few points with Leliana. A pack of bears can be found to the north, along with another Ogre. There’s a hermit hiding in a tree stump that will trade some items with you. Reach into his hut and steal the Grand Oak Acorn. You’ll have to fight the geezer off next, but he shouldn’t be a problem. In the south is the Grand Oak, who will gladly take your acorn. Behind the Great Oak is a campsite. Examine all of the items here and you’ll unleash a Shade Demon. Be careful! You’ll have to fight it by yourself.

Now that you’ve helped out the Great Oak, you can disturb the tombstones in the same area to summon another Remnant and get a Juggernaut Helm and Tevinter Shield. You can also pass through that annoying Forest Barrier, too. Swiftrunner will greet you, but you won’t be able to kill him. A pile of bones just past where you fight him holds an Onyx Demon Statuette for Alistair. Grab the rune in the nearby chest on your way to the Ruins.

Make your way south, fighting the giant spiders along your way. There’s a Dragon in a room filled with traps. If you have a Rogue who can disarm the traps, you can rack up easy experience here. Don’t forget to loot the Dragon’s Hoard.

A ghostly boy waits for you on the lower level. He’s going to ambush you, so try and funnel the skeletons into a doorway and let ‘em have it. In the right room lies a Sarcophagus, with a Fancy Scroll (for Wynne) and a Tablet, both of which are tied to quests. In the far southwest corner of the map is a Sarcophagus with a Legacy White Shear for Oghren, and some nice gear too.

You’ll also spot a Phylactery in the southern room. Touch the gem, apologize for frightening it, offer to help it, and then approach the stone altar with the gem. Take its memories, and then put it back. You’ll complete the Arcane Warrior Quest. The Entrance to the Lair of the Werewolves is in the top left corner of the map.

NEW AREA: Lair of the Werewolves
The werewolves are not happy to see you. If one gets on top of you, you’re in trouble. If you can, get a teammate to help you out, quick! Near where you meet the Gatekeeper is a Glass Phylactery, which will summon another Remnant. You can fight the Gatekeeper, but he’ll bring a lot more of his friends along.

After talking to the Lady of the Forest, you’ll need to get Zathrian. Don’t miss the shortcut to the upper level to the right of where you talk to her! You can choose to side with either Zathrian or the Lady of the Forest. There’s an Achievement/Trophy for both choices. You’ll only get Slayer if you convince the Lady to kill all the Elves back at camp. However, you should know that Leliana and Alistair side with the Werewolves; Morrigan, on the other hand, does not. Depending on your choice, you’ll fight one of two bosses: Zathrian or the Lady of the Forest (revealed as Witherfang).

BOSS: Witherfang
Your usual techniques for taking down groups will work fine, though funneling the wolves isn’t a great option in such a big room.

BOSS: Zathrian
Zathrian will summon a few trees to help him while he fires projectiles from a distance. You might try a Mana drain spell, or maybe a shield to protect yourself from his magic. Make sure you don’t kill him after the battle, though – Leliana won’t like it. He’ll end the curse for you, which will make everyone happy, especially Leliana. Travel back to the Dalish camp to finish this quest.
Congratulations! You’ve ended the Elf/Werewolf conflict.