New Dragon Age: Dreadwolf cinematic teases Varric's return and a fight with Solas

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
(Image credit: EA/BioWare)

Dragon Age 4 has debuted a brand new trailer today to mark Dragon Age Day around the world. 

Today on December 4, BioWare rolled out a new cinematic for the upcoming Dragon Age game. Titled 'Who Is the Dread Wolf?' the new trailer sets up the new adventure in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf by focusing on the titular nemesis himself, examining the backstory of Inquisition's notorious Solas.

The tone of the trailer takes a pretty vengeful view of Solas. If you're a veteran of Dragon Age: Inquisition, this view is probably justified, given the Elven mage betrayed basically everyone in the threequel and even took the arm of the player character before bowing out at the end of the final story DLC.

It's a little tough to tell who's narrating the new Dreadwolf cinematic. The voiceover sounds a lot like Varric, familiar Dwarven companion to the player character in years past. If that's the case, and this is all merely speculation for now, then Varric would be the first returning Dragon Age character other than Solas for the new game.

There's more to the case for Varric returning than just this trailer. Next month in January 2023, Dark Horse is publishing Dragon Age: The Missing, a comic starring Varric and Inquisition's Scout Harding, which is a prequel to Dreadwolf. Given Varric's starring role in the comic, it's easy to imagine him sticking around for the big game that comes after.

Despite the cinematic, there's still no word on when we could potentially get our hands on Dragon Age Dreadwolf. A report earlier this year claimed BioWare is targeting a 2023 release window for the sequel, and the developer revealed earlier this year in June that Dragon Age Dreadwolf was then in the middle of production

Back in October, Dragon Age Dreadwolf was confirmed to have hit Alpha, a significant milestone in the sequel's development. 

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