Doctor Who's season 10 trailer teases Daleks, Cybermen, lady Ice Warriors, and... another Doctor?

The Dr Who season 10 trailer isn't giving much away, showing far less than we've already seen which is disappointing. It looks like just about every monster is teased in someway at least, via a smokey wall of faces. 

A Dalek, Cyberman and Ice Warrior are all immediately obvious, plus what looks like a Weeping Angel, and the Emoji Robots we've previous seen. Some people are also seeing Autons but seeing as that's basically 'a face' I'm not sure. There's also a Waters of Mars suggestion floating around and some people pointing out one face's resemblance to Davros. 

Here's a nice break down

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From the same source we've also got what looks like some episode titles. 

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Then there's what I can only assume is the big bad at the end. 

That looks a lot like a lady Ice Warrior. Is she the main villain of the series given her prominent placing? 

However, the biggest potential bombshell is a face that looks a bit like the eighth Doctor, Paul McGann.

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Finally a lot of people are picking up on new companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, talking about about having the time of her life even if it kills her. That almost seems too obvious. We'll start getting some answers out on April 15 when the new season starts. 

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