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Download of the Week: Square Enix Megasale halves price of Deus Ex DLC and a Lara more content too

Platform: XBLA | Publisher: Square-Enix | Price: £varies

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Square Enix is having a bit of a mega-sale on both Xbox Live and PSN, slashing the prices on a whole slew of content. Our pick? The Deus Ex 'Missing Link' DLC, down from 1200 MS Points to a mere 600. There are also savings to be had on Tomb Raider excursions, including the excellent Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light following the exact same price cut of 600MS Points down from 1200. SEN-wise, Final Fantasy is getting a lot of offers to celebrate the launch of FF XIII-2, so check out the store if you're a fan.

Plants vs Zombies | PC (Steam) | £1.40/$2

Steam's weekend sale is a little understated this time round, but it does mean you now have no excuse for not owning the magnificent Plants Vs Zombies on your PC. With 80% slashed off its price, it's now a mere £1.40 - everyone should have a copy.

Trip World | 3DS Virtual Console | £2.70 (Not available in NA yet)

This one's been out for a few weeks already, but we only just discovered its charms. This used to be a £100+ collector's favourite on eBay, but now it's very cheap indeed on Virtual Console. Beautiful 8-bit graphics, gorgeous music and a neat little transformation mechanic make this cute platformer from Sunsoft a forgotten gem.

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