Download of the Week: Grand Theft Auto III comes to iPhone, steals its money

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Game: Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition | Platform: iOS | Publisher: Rockstar | Developer: Rockstar North | Price: £2.99/$4.99

The daddy of the sandbox genre is ten years old and Rockstar's celebrating that fact by releasing it on iPhone. We've played it on iPhone 4S and it's an incredible conversion, looking ultra-sharp and running more smoothly than we could have dreamt. Mobile gaming has an extremely bright future ahead of it.

Want more DLC? Check these out...

Sonic CD | XBLA/PS3/iOS | Price: 400 MS Points, PSN £3.49/$4.99, iOS £1.49/$2.99

The Sonic game that nobody played? Might as well be be. This is effectively the 'other' Sonic 2, made at the same time but by a team in Japan while Yuji Naka worked in the US. It's brilliant, especially on iOS where it's nothing short of phenomenal, as our review will attest.

3DS Ambassador Program | 3DS | Free (conditional)

Today's the day early 3DS adopters finally get the second half of their free games haul. Ten GBA classics are now in your 'already downloaded' list if you signed up for the program early enough. They're brill, too. Everyone else... sorry, but this is for early adopters only.

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Justin Towell

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