DotA 2 beta code teases microtransactions and crossover Valve guest star [Rumor]

The undated final-release build of DotA 2 looks poised to include dozens of items which players may be able to acquire through microtransactions, players have discovered. Through opening up and sifting through one of the game's patch files, intrepid tinkerer Cyborg Matt (via PC Gamer) has discovered a host of bits and pieces for enhancing players' gameplay experience and hero appearance. There's also items such as the “Repentant Soul,” which removes players from the “punishment queue.” This hints at a potential avenue teased last year by Newell: Cheaper games for the cool kids (or, at least, those willing to stay out of that ominous-sounding queue).

Above: The code includes added skins and taunts, such as these

The code also includes data suggesting at least two announcers for the title, one of whom is named for Half-Life's Dr Kleiner. This being the Internet, and geeks being geeks, you already have the facility to peruse all of Kleiner's lines within the game within DotA 2, should you prize knowledge above the beauty of surprise. Which, if you're at all a fan of Kleiner himself, you may well do...