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Doom character customization mixes Call of Duty and a ton of armor

Doom (opens in new tab) might have its roots in old-school FPS design - what with the original Doom being one of the very first in the genre and all - but it's taking a very modern approach to its multiplayer. As you earn XP by completing matches and fragging other players, you'll level up and unlock new armor, skins, taunts, and power-ups. You'll then be able to turn around and use those unlocks to customize your space marine with more than 300 pieces of armor, 125 taunts, and a bevy of options for your weapons.

Much like Call of Duty's prestige system, Doom's progression features two branches. Reach level 50 and you'll receive your first Echelon accommodation, as well as a level reset. You won't lose what you've already unlocked, you're simply climbing a new rank. Reach level 50 again and you'll become Echelon 2, level 1 - and so on. Echelons earn you a special insignia, so other players know precisely how much they should wet their pants at the sight of you.

Personally though, I'm more excited by the plethora of armor pieces and options for cosmetic customization. I always like making my avatar my own in video games, and with (again, since it bears repeating) 300 pieces plus 90 paint colors, 50 paint patterns and the option to make my armor shiny-new or battle-hardened and dirty, I can see myself spending a lot of time creating the perfect look.

If you want to get a taste of what Bethesda has in store for multiplayer, the Doom open beta (opens in new tab) is available now til April 17.

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