Doom 2 modder turns the classic shooter into a Bloodborne and System Shock-inspired thriller

Doom 2
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A Doom 2 total conversion meeting is melding some Bloodborne and System Shock into the classic shooter.

Divine Frequency is the name of the brand new total conversion mod for id Software's classic sequel, as first reported below by Alpha Beta Gamer. The mod takes Doom 2 where "dreams and reality collide," according to the new mod's ModDB page. 

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The entire point of the game is "reaching transcendence," which sort of gels with Bloodborne's end goals of insight and otherworldly knowledge. To do this, you'll have to hunt down "divine beings" in Divine Frequency, and slay them in order to accrue knowledge and reach higher potential.

Divine Frequency offers the player rewards in exploration. Just like the original Doom and Doom 2, there's the quickest way to complete any given level, but there's always rewards to be reaped off the beaten path, and it sounds like you'll find plenty more than just item pickups outside the main route through any level.

According to Alpha Beta Gamer, Divine Beings has been in development since at least 2020, and has actually progressed significantly from its initial alpha stage. Now, over two years later in August 2022, you can download the Divine Frequency Beta via the ModDB page to check out a slice of the project.

Right now, there isn't a final date when Divine Frequency is expected to launch in full. Considering Alpha Beta Gamer reveals this new beta demo takes a slice from the midsection of the game though, perhaps we're looking at a release date of within the next few years.

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