Donkey Kong climbs onto DS

Donkey Kong Jungle Climber is a neat climbing/platformer/puzzler for DS, but we can't help but think that Nintendo must have given up even trying to create a compelling storyline for the jungle swinging action.

You can check out the first shots by hitting our Images tab, but for a chuckle, check below for a quick synopsis of Jungle Climber's befuddling plot:

Donkey and Diddy Kong are on vacation,relaxing on Sun Sun Beach, when they start to get hungry. But, what's this? There's a giant banana up on the mountain.

Except, once Donkey and Diddy Kong get close, they realize it's actually a spaceship - a spaceship that thinks they're an enemy and shoots at them.

So, Donkey and Diddy Kong smash up the spaceship. But, wait - out of the ship come some Banana Aliens, from the planet Banana!

"Our ship is broken," wail the Banana Aliens, "and the Kremkroc Gang have stolen our Crystal Banana!" So, to make up for smashing up the Banana Aliens' ship, Donkey and Diddy Kong head out to recover said Crystal Banana.

Still, as one of our colleagues remarked, at least it's not as bad as the plot for Gears of War...

June 4, 2007

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