Donald Cammell's Wildside review

Wildside was made back in 1995 but, after the production company edited it to resemble lesbian soft-porn, the director, Donald Cammell, took his name off the picture.

It was a tragic finale to the career of the man behind Demon Seed, White Of The Eye and co-director of Performance. A year later, Cammell shot himself.

This version has been recut by Cammell's long-term collaborator, the editor Frank Mazzola, to resemble as closely as possible what the helmer had intended. And it was worth the effort:

Wildside is a sleazy, intense underworld drama, with Christopher Walken giving the most rabidly derranged performance of his career. It's a hugely enjoyable movie and an indication of Cammell's brilliant originality as a director. It's just too tragic he's not around to see it.

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