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$810 off this RTX 3080 Alienware gaming laptop makes me consider replacing my rig

Alienware RTX 30
(Image credit: Alienware/Dell)

Dell's 'Black Friday in July' sale continues with up to $810 off select Alienware and Dell gaming laptops - all featuring RTX 30-series cards that are ray-tracing ready. 

Until recently, it seemed like finding an RTX 3060 PC or an RTX 3080 PC for a good price was exceedingly difficult. Even the cards themselves are a challenge to track down, as many PC gamers have asked where to buy the RTX 3080 - restocks are rare. 

Fast forward to right now and, thankfully, you can save over $800 on some truly exceptional PC gaming hardware that takes full advantage of these graphics cards to their fullest potential with all the 4K, ray tracing and VR benefits that come along with the power and potential of the RTX 30-series as a whole. 

Let's not mince words, any laptop that comes built with an RTX 3080 is going to be an absolute monster of a machine with any game on the horizon for at least the next five years. What's more, simply hook the laptop up to an external 4K-capable monitor, and you'll be able to witness glorious Ultra HD resolution gaming with ray tracing enabled with the capacity for high frame rates. 

With that said, if that's a little outside of your price range, then there's no reason to despair; the RTX 3060 outclasses even the RTX 2080, which was top-of-the-line not too long ago while costing only a fraction of the price. You can be sure that whatever spec gaming laptop you consider below that you're getting one hell of a system for many years to come. 

Today's RTX 3080 Alienware and Dell gaming laptop deals

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