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Doghouse review

Knowingly misogynistic, but brisk, lurid and funny.

Vince (Stephen Graham) is in a slump after his bitter divorce, so what better way to get over it than a weekend piss-up in the country with his similarly wronged-by-women mates?

Unfortunately for the lads, the remote rural village they plan to get smashed in has been taken over by cannibal zombie birds intent on maiming, killing and scoffing all men.

Tsk, bloody women. Knowingly misogynistic, patently derivative and featuring another interchangeable performance from professional cockney Danny Dyer, Doghouse is nevertheless a brisk, lurid and funny bit of popcorn tat, stylishly directed by Jake Evil Aliens West.

OK, so it’s no Shaun Of The Dead (despite nicking liberally from it) but it’s no Lesbian Vampire Killers either.

And there’s certainly fun to be had watching the boys invent different ways to off homicidal ladies. Best not watched with feminists, though – as Dyer himself says, ‘not very PC, is it?’

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