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Does this rating mean Hades is coming to PS4?

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

Hades has popped up with a PlayStation 4 rating in Korea.

As spotted by a member of video game message board ResetEra (opens in new tab), the hit indie game has been given a 15+ rating by Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee and is reportedly being published by Rockstar parent company, Take-Two Interactive.

Interestingly, Hades is currently only available on PC and Nintendo Switch, and as at the time of writing, there's been no news the game is heading to any other platforms. 

So, does this confirm Hades is coming to PS4? Not quite. Does it hint that it might be? Yeah, probably. For now, though, all we can do is keep hoping and await official confirmation either way.

ICYMI, someone has beaten Hades in seven minutes and 16 seconds (opens in new tab). YouTuber Vormie began by purposefully dying and starting an entirely new run, where the clock starts ticking as soon as they enter the House of Hades. 

From there, it's an absolutely breakneck run to the very end of Hades. The player uses the Adamant Rail weapon, combined with a lightning-based ability coupled to their attacks, to absolutely plow through enemies in split seconds and yes, the clock is always ticking throughout the entire run. 

"I've played Hades to hell and back (heh) and I still feel that I haven't seen it all," wrote GR+'s Austin (opens in new tab). "I want to spend more time with Dusa the gorgon housekeeper, not to mention the hidden weapon aspects. I have to finish Achilles' arc. I need to pet Cerberus more! 

"I've died dozens and dozens of times across some 55 hours, and I'll gladly die again because I know it'll be more than worth it – it'll be one of the best parts."

If you're desperately trying to get out of hell, head over to our 10 essential Hades tips (opens in new tab).

Vikki Blake
Vikki Blake

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