Hades speedrun world record is now just over 7 minutes

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

Prepare to feel incredibly unworthy, because someone has beaten Hades in approximately 7 minutes and 16 seconds.

Below, you can see the full Hades speedrun (as spotted by RPS), from start to finish, from YouTuber Vormie. The player begins by purposefully dying and starting an entirely new run, where the clock starts ticking as soon as they enter the House of Hades. 

From there, it's an absolutely breakneck run to the very end of Hades. The player uses the Adamant Rail weapon, combined with a lightning-based ability coupled to their attacks, to absolutely plough through enemies in split seconds.

Note that the clock is always ticking throughout the entire 7 minute 16 second run. The only times the clock is temporarily paused is when the user exits on chamber and loads into the next, so load times aren't detrimental to the run, and when the player selects a Boon.

This entire run all makes me feel incredibly incapable. The user absolutely tears through bosses like the the Bone Hydra and the Bull of Minos in barely any time at all. Hell, I've really got to up my game after seeing this.

In the video description, Vormie notes that they were motivated to set the world record for beating Hades after their previous record was beaten by two other users, Duunk0 and Bablo. With this run, they were actually able to shave off 24 second from their total time, setting a brand new world record in the process.

Hades is an absolutely fantastic game, and I've adored my time with it so far. After the game's final version launched out of early access last month, developer Supergiant revealed that they're unsure of what comes next for the studio, but don't count on further updates for Hades.

If you're desperately trying to get out of hell, like me, head over to our 10 essential Hades tips for the best tactics and Boons.

Hirun Cryer

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