Doctor Who and Torchwood latest

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine includes a trickle of new information about season four of the show, and season two of Torchwood.

First up, some episode titles for Who. The season four opener is called “Partners in Crime”, and episode four is “The Sontaran Stratagem.”

Torchwood next, with the titles of episodes two to six, which look like this: “Sleeper”, “To the Last Man”, “Meat”, “Adam” and “Reset”.

Casting-wise, the big news is that Lesley Sharp (star of Afterlife, and something of a favourite of Russell T Davies – she also appeared in Bob and Rose and The Second Coming) will be appearing in season four, as will Georgia Moffett – Peter Davison’s daughter!

Finally, a few further bulletpoints:
* Bernard Cribbins (who appears in “Voyage and the Damned”, as a character that recurs in season four), is apparently playing a “cockney newsvendor”.
* The end of the “Voyage of the Damned” will carry a dedication to first Who producer Verity Lambert, who sadly passed away recently. Bravo.
* UNIT are back! And “centre stage” in at least one story.
* We visit five alien planets in season four, one of which “redefines the Doctor Who category of ‘alien planet’” apparently, whatever that means. Get theorising, chaps!