Doctor Who tops the SFX top 250 poll!

To celebrate our 250th issue, we reveal your votes for the 250 greatest moments in sci-fi, horror and fantasy!

Today the world’s number one sci-fi and fantasy magazine (that’s us) unveils its definitive list of the 250 greatest moments in sci-fi, horror and fantasy to celebrate our 250th issue!

From cinema to television, books to comics to video games, YOU voted--in fact over 96,000 votes were cast. And guess what? Doctor Who reigned supreme with the moment the Doctor and Rose say farewell at Bad Wolf Bay in “Doomsday” coming top. Watch the clip below to remind yourself…

On hearing the news, David Tennant told SFX readers: “I remember worrying on the day we shot this scene that as I was actually a projection from inside the Tardis my hair shouldn’t be blowing in the wind. That seemed terribly important at the time and although we didn’t find a solution to it, it bothered me for weeks. Then I saw the finished scene and of course all that matters is the end of the Doctor and Rose’s story. Russell [T Davies] had weaved some glorious magic for two seasons and it all came together so perfectly in this scene that people still talk to me about it with misty eyes all these years later (and I suspect they always will.) Murray Gold created some heart stopping music that accentuates the misery and Billie is just breathtakingly good. I feel very lucky to be standing on that beach, with my hair flying around, in amongst all these brilliant elements. Whatever else I do and wherever else I end up, this will be a moment I will be forever proud to look back on. Thanks for having us at number one.”

You can watch the clip here:

Elsewhere in the poll, the scene from Avengers Assemble in which The Hulk destroys Loki comes in second place, while the chestburster moment from Alien takes third place. And we have recruited some of the biggest names in the genre world their favourite moments, with Buffy The Vampire Slayer actor Anthony Head, and directors Robert Rodridguez and JJ Abrams all in agreement that the scene in Alien was the greatest. You can read what they have to say in SFX issue 250, on sale today.

The top 10 greatest moments in sci-fi, horror and fantasy are:

1. DOCTOR WHO The Doctor and Rose say farewell at Bad Wolf Bay in “Doomsday”
2. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE “Puny god!” The Hulk owns Loki
3. ALIEN The chestburster
4. FIREFLY Mal Reynolds kicks a bad guy into Serenity’s engine intake (“The Train Job”)
5. STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Luke learns that Darth Vader is his father
6. BLADE RUNNER Roy Batty’s “Tears in rain” speech
7. GAME OF THRONES The Red Wedding: “The Lannisters send their regards”
8. THE MATRIX Neo dodges bullets in the bullet-time scene
10. BACK TO THE FUTURE “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”

The full list of 250 is printed in issue 250 of SFX, on-sale now. The issue features access to some of the biggest stars in the world of film, TV, books, games and comics. Legendary film director Quentin Tarantino exclusively picks his favourite sci-fi films and TV shows for the magazine, while JJ Abrams, Sir Peter Jackson and Steven Moffat contribute to our hunt to find the 250 greatest moments in sci-fi, horror and fantasy. Russell T Davies, the man responsible for the revival of Doctor Who in 2005, writes exclusively for SFX on why he loves the magazine. Elsewhere in the special issue, there are interviews with the director and stars of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and interviews with Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis and Sean Bean about their epic new sci-fi movie, Jupiter Ascending.

Dave Bradley, editor-in-chief, says: “We’re incredibly proud to have reached 250 issues. After 19 years, SFX is still the market-leading sci-fi title and has lost none of its energy or influence. A big thank you must go to all our loyal readers, many of whom have been subscribing to the magazine for years. A highlight of my time as editor has been meeting them at conventions and festivals and seeing their enduring enthusiasm for what we do.”

The 250th issue also delivers the winning story from SFX’s zombie short story writing competition, in association with Simon & Schuster, which has been judged by leading horror and fantasy book author, Darren Shan. The issue goes on-sale today, priced £4.99. Order your copy in print or digital. Join us on the forum or our Facebook page to let us know what you think of the poll and the issue…

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