Doctor Who 8.04 Listen Spoiler-Free Preview

“Listen” couldn't be more different from “Robot Of Sherwood”. There are laughs to be had, but it’s a spookier and much more personal tale for The Doctor.

Make sure you draw the curtains before “Listen” begins, it demands to be watched in the dark.

Steven Moffat’s up to his old tricks again.

There’s a scene so creepy full-grown adults may feel the need to sleep with the lights on this Saturday, let alone young 'uns.

Director Douglas Mackinnon understands the number one rule for frightening an audience: less is more.

There’s one very exciting (and inevitably divisive) scene steeped in Who lore. Everyone will be talking about it after.

It’s the first episode this series not to feature a whiff of the Paradise arc plot.

Fans of Coupling -era Moffat will enjoy the awkward date scenes.

You see two characters in three different forms.

And you see a little more of the TARDIS.

The word “silence” is used again.

Who moves the chalk?

Great line: “People don't need to be scared by a big grey-haired stick insect.”

The Doctor has a snazzy new jumper.

Danny Pink is still brilliant.

You find out something else the Doctor is against.

It’s not perfect. Moffat relies on familiar themes and ideas in a way that’s a little frustrating, but it’s atmospherically directed, beautifully scored and very scary.

“Listen” airs on BBC One at 7:30pm, Saturday 13 September.

Jordan Farley

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