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Doctor Who 7.12 "Nightmare In Silver" Spoiler-Free Preview

Doctor Who 7.12 “Nightmare In Silver” spoiler-free preview.

Nightmare In Silver poster

The episode title “Nightmare In Silver” seems somewhat inappropriate, because this doesn’t feel like a particularly dark or terrifying episode.

It’s an unusually child-friendly (or child-like… or possibly even childish) episode – in fact, at times, it's very like watching a CBBC show.

And that’s not just because it has a couple of kids in it – the kids don’t actually get much to do.

This episode does for the Cybermen what 2005’s “Dalek” did for the pepperpots (and, indeed, what "Cold War" recently did for the Ice Warriors).

Most of the tweaks (or upgrades?) work well. But if you're one of those who dislike the stompy Cybus Cybermen you’ll probably wish they'd gone even further.

Matt Smith gets to play four different characters (sort of). Two of them very badly.
Opinion may be divided on the third.

There are returns for: a familiar piece of music, a bit of kit the Doctor hasn’t used much lately, an old Cyber-Achilles heel, two post-2005 catchphrases, and a couple of filming locations (which hardcore fans will probably recognise instantly ).

Also keep your eyes peeled for something from a Toby Whithouse episode.

A big secret is hiding in plain sight. One of the kids works it out. Can you?

Things this episode might remind you of 1: a character from The Beano .

Things this episode might remind you of 2: Star Trek: The Next Generation .

Things this episode might remind you of 3: this little girl.

Things this episode might remind you of 4: this little girl.

Things this episode might remind you of 5: cabaret acts like this:

The Doctor spends much of the episode playing with himself.

“Nightmare In Silver” airs on BBC One on Saturday 11 May at 7.00pm.

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