Here's how much space you'll need for The Division

The Division's full version will only be a few gigabytes bigger than its beta, according to the Xbox Store. The digital listing revealed that The Division's download size will be 32.29GB on Xbox One, while the closed beta that ended last week required roughly 27GB. The PlayStation Store doesn't have any storage requirements listed yet, but it will likely be comparable on PS4.

That's only how much space you'll need to get started with The Division. If it's anything like Destiny, or any number of other MMO-inspired games, frequent updates will steadily expand its total filesize long past launch. That's not meant as a complaint (new stuff is good), just something to keep in mind.

As for what exactly will be in those updates beyond the usual balance tweaks, Ubisoft is remaining fairly cagey. Three expansions will arrive as part of The Division's Season Pass, and free new co-op content will add more end-game challenges soon after release. Hopefully Ubisoft adds more scarves, too, because I had a heck of a time finding any during the beta.

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