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Watch this The Division player save a stranger's day in 10 seconds

Bob Dylan once said that "a hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom". Seeing yet another Dark Zone Extraction Point gank about to unfold - which are particularly nefarious, since extracting leaves the target vulnerable and doesn't give them time to reclaim their stolen goods - Nick understood his responsibility.

You're the good guy by default in The Division (opens in new tab)'s campaign missions, but players can show their true colors in The Dark Zone. For most people, that means just getting their loot and getting out. For others, that means preying on unsuspecting peers. And for a rare few, who see injustice and choose to act… that means becoming a Hero.

It also meant getting increased Dark Zone XP (opens in new tab), funds, and even a pair of keys from the downed Rogue, but hey. That's just karma in action (opens in new tab).

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